A solo show based on the Romanian Orthodox Saint Teodora de la Sihla, but BEFORE she became a saint. Back when she was just a young lesbian novitiate trying to strike it holy in 1680’s Romania.

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Teodora just wants to be holy already so she can be revered by pilgrims and perform over-the-top miracles. In the process she discovers that she’s evil, she likes women’s hips, and she has accidentally poisoned the whole convent. One actor, eight characters, and a whole lot of drama!

Characters (in order of appearance)

Playing Andreea

Playing Andreea

TEODORA - Has wanted to be a Saint since she can remember, but mostly for the fame.

ANDREEA - New to the convent from Iași, Moldova’s capital. Cool and rich.

GHEORGHE  - Teodora’s betrothed. Quintessential 17th century fuckboy.

IOSEFINA - Laysister, tends the sheep. Mute.

TATAIE - Teodora and Cristina’s father. Loves to drink.

CRISTINA - Teodora’s sister. Very pregnant.

SORA PAISIA - Mother Superior, in charge of the convent and worried about feeding everyone.

VLAD - Cristina’s husband. Used to be a successful blacksmith before a spark from the forge flew in his ear.