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Mostly Medieval Theatre Festival, May 2019

Philadelphia Fringe Festival, September 2018

Minnesota Fringe Festival, August 2018

Reviews for Sfânta: Hell Bent on Heaven

"Hell Bent on Heaven brings together historical research, language, and contemporary performance style to show how looking back into the past is really a story about who we are today and who we want to become. I highly recommend booking Diana's show as a demonstration of what happens when art and history meet."

-Lofton Durham, Associate Professor of Theatre History, Western Michigan University

This has new play, queer content, religious content, comedy, and visiting artist all going for it.

-Matthew Everett, Arts Writer at Single White Fringe Geek blog, Minnesota Fringe Festival Writer

Audience Reviews

“Fantastically acted and energetic”

A multi-character, one-woman show that is hilarious, touching, and absorbing? Sfanta blew my mind.

Only 1 costume, 1 ladder, and 1 impressive hour of digestible content.

This play had me laughing from the first minute and was truly the highlight of my fringe experience. The characters were well-defined in walk, talk, and mannerisms, and the performer (and writer) managed to mix a pretty esoteric setting with down to earth and accessible protagonists.”

Audience reviews from the Minnesota Fringe Festival found HERE